What we offer



eLite ScoreBoards are thanks to multifunctional usage the revolutionary product in the field of sport result service.

We offer indoor and outdoor LED scoreboards in various sizes and shapes with a resolution according to the investor.


  • timer, score, period, exclusion, time out, possession of a ball, numbers and names of players
  • displaying of a team logo and requested information about teams
  • the detailed parameter settings of a selected sport and match according to the requirements of the user
  • customized scoreboards inclusive a graphic background and fonts
  • displaying names and photos of excluded players, goal scorers or player cards
  • the playing of advertising spots and videos during a match or during breaks
  • displaying short messages and organisational guidelines for spectators
  • interactive communication with fans, the cheering support, short spectator competitions
  • real time TV transmission, playing TV records
  • advertising display at the time of commercial leases

  • LED scoreboards are universal multimedia screens, which in addition to a standard timer, a current match status and other current game information can display virtually anything, like a normal TV set or computer monitor.

    Thanks to our own control software the scoreboard can be easily changed and adapted to any kind of sport. Each customer may specify unique dimensions, own design of a scoreboard, structure and a scope of displayed information. Due to continuous self development, usage of latest technologies and controlling SW we can guarantee the maximum efficiency and quality of scoreboards for reasonable prices.

    The possibilities of using eLite ScoreBoards

  • TEAM SPORTS: basketball, floorball, football, handball, ice hockey, netball, volleyball
  • LIGHT (EASY) SPORTS: fitness, light athletics, sport gymnastics, pentathlon, triathlon, pilates
  • BALL SPORTS: badminton, golf, croquet, ricochet, squash, table tennis, tennis
  • ORIENTEERING SPORTS: ski orienteering, foot orienteering, trail orienteering, MTB orienteering
  • WATER SPORTS: canoeing, swimming, water jump, synchronized swimming, water polo
  • WINTER SPORTS: biathlon, curling, figure skating, skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding
  • MARTIAL AND COMBAT SPORTS: boxing, judo, karate, thai boxing, fencing, wrestling
  • POWER SPORTS: bodyfitness, arm wrestling, powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding
  • MOTO SPORTS: acrobatic stunt jumps, enduro, rally, trial
  • OTHER SPORTS: cycling, horse racing, horsemanship, billiards, archery, poker, shooting

  • Now-a-days, the sports facilities are multi-functional and they are used by numbers of sportsman during a day. Besides the sport events and competitions these facilities are also used for social and culture events. Old-type scoreboards are usually used for one particular sport.

    Our eLite LED scoreboards can do much more during matches. It is also a progressive and powerful multimedia tool that allows an interactive communication with the audience, displays commercials or videos and can play recorded tv or display direct TV transmissions..