eScore i7+ / 2

LED scoreboard for indoor sports. This is a multipurpose indicator, which allows various modifications of the information about the game. The standard is a comprehensive timekeeping, score home vs. guests, playing period, the number of individual and team fouls Inc. the names or numbers of players, and a relaxing time deduction, statistics of possession of the ball, etc. Through the lower resolution is not optimal screen for playback of videos and live broadcasts. Nevertheless, it is possible to display a sufficient quality text and image advertising and communication. Promoters and organizers can use scoreboard for communication with the audience, actively and flexibly to influence views on the Board. Even with the small dimensions and the resolution is a very beneficial product suitable for the most common indoor sports facilities.
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Type of the scoreboard indoor
Dimensions of the scoreboards approx. 2 x 1 m
Pixel resolution basic
Recommended usage of the scoreboard individual and collective sports
Indicative scoreboard price without VAT 3 110 €