eScore i6 / 3

Universal LED scoreboard suitable for different kinds of indoor sports. Easy changing of content and appearance on scoreboard according to requirements of the organizer. Easy controlling and editing of timekeeping, score, information about teams and individual players, the ongoing sanctions and other match information. The possibility of displaying advertisements, organizational guidelines, interactive communication with the audience etc. The resolution of the screen allows immediate inserting graphic elements into displayed information, the quick exchange of the background color or the complete change of content on the display during breaks and match pauses. Ideal scoreboard for indoor ball sports, such as handball, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, etc.
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Type of the scoreboard indoor
Dimensions of the scoreboards approx. 2 x 1,5 m
Pixel resolution high
Recommended usage of the scoreboard indoor ball sports
Indicative scoreboard price without VAT 4 332 €